Hunting has always been known as the sport of royalty and Shelley is an avid hunter and conservationist.

The Queen of Adventure is fond of deer hunts, boar hunts and has even taken to the swamp to claim the skins and delicious meat of one of Earth’s most intimidating life forms- the great Florida alligator. Her Majesty prefers knife and spear over rifle when stalking wild boar and gator.

Why battle an ¬†angry boar or fight alligators in the deepest swamp, at night, with a harpoon? Because Shelley is also a gourmet chef who specializes in game meats creating the most splendid feasts imaginable from nature’s bounty, prepared from the freshest of hand selected catches.

Shelley began hunting as a conservationist, using every piece of what she hunts and only hunting dangerous or nuisance animals or those animals that the State of Florida has set hunt limits on to prevent death by starvation and disease.